'The Quiet Man' Cottage SHOULD look like this once again!

The Quiet Man' Cottage – Record of Protected Structures (RPS) number: 4033. Your petition signatures helped make this happen – thank you!

Galway County Council voted 'YES' and added 'The Quiet Man' Cottage fully to the official Record of Protected Structures (RPS). As a result of the vote this iconic part of Ireland's cinema history is now under full state protection. Galway County Council has given Sean and Mary Kate's 'wee humble cottage' a fighting chance – and each and every one of your petition signatures has played a vital role in moving things forward.    Thank you all!!

Councillor Tom Healy, Luke Gerard Lanigan, Diarmaid Fleming and Paddy Rock recording a piece for

Ulster Television at the ruins of the White O'Morn Cottage. 2015/04/14/Quiet-Man-cottage-to-be-declared-protected-structure-35443


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Quiet Man cottage to be declared protected structure Culture

April 14 2015

A Connemara house that made movie history is expected to be recommended for listing as a protected structure by

Galway County Council. Quiet Man cottage to be declared protected structure.

The ruins of the cottage made famous by Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne in The Quiet Man, one of the most important locations in Irish cinema history, now lies in ruins, but plans are afoot to have it listed and protected by Galway County Council. A campaign by Quiet Man fans at home and abroad has successfully petitioned Galway County Councillors to vote to list the cottage as a protected structure. Hollywood director John Ford captured Ireland's stunning scenery in the film and showcased it to the world in his 1952 classic.

Luke Gerard Lanigan, a campaigner, said: “8,500 signatures, which included that of Maureen O’Hara, is thankfully what the councillors seem to have stood up and listened to.

[They] realised that there is a huge demand worldwide to have the cottage restored.”

Councillor Tom Healy from Sinn Féin and Galway County Council told UTV Ireland: “It is a major icon of Connemara. It captured a snapshot of Ireland in the 1950s – a bit like the John Hinde postcards. It’s just a point in history that people hold very dear, and especially the diaspora abroad.” Souvenir hunters have taken bits of the cottage home, but if the house was listed that would become illegal. Paddy Rock, another campaigner, added: “Bits of this house I believe are in America, Japan, Germany, Scotland, England, all over the world. I think people have felt so much for the film and for the cottage, The White of Morn, that they wanted to have a piece of it. I’m sure it wouldn’t be thieving, it’d just be diehard fans wanting to have a momento.”

The Quiet Man cottage is currently owned by an American resident. Cong, Co Mayo, where other parts of the film were made, also attracts huge tourist trade from its legacy.

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White O’Morn Cottage

Galway County Council added the ruin of 'The Quiet Man' Cottage to the Record of Protected Structures (RPS) and under Section 55 of heritage procedures. This will give the cottage legislative protection from further ruin/neglect – until something can be done to restore the cottage AND the entire location. The decision to move forward with any future restoration (or not) will remain, as ever, with the current property owner.


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